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PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage whatsoever when entering the GunSA premises and/or offices.

Each potential buyer of a gun or firearm has the duty to familiarise himself with the stipulations of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000) and the Firearms Control Regulations 2004 with specific reference to, but not limited to, the following:

Actual products may vary from images displayed. Stock Levels may vary from those shown on the web-store. Each purchase is subject to availability, price and import periods. We have 80% off all items in stock but unfortunately we can not guarantee price on imports, we cannot guarantee delivery time.

Please confirm before making payment by email or telephone. +27 (0)11 760 2555


The different categories specify the specific purpose for which accreditation is required, namely –

(a) Public Collector or Museum;

(b) Hunting Association;

(c) Sport Shooting Association;

(d) Collectors Association;

(e) Shooting Range;

(f) Training providers in the use of firearms;

(g) Provide firearms for the use in theatrical, film or television productions;

(h) Game Rancher;

(i) Conduct business in hunting;

(j) Other business purposes;

(l) Official Institutions.


All individuals who want to possess firearms, trade in firearms, manufacture firearms or conduct business as a Gunsmith must obtain the relevant competency Certificate. For more info please view: http://www.saps.gov.za/crime_prevention/firearms.htm


On 1 July 2000, the Firearms Control Act of 2000 and the Firearms Control Regulations came into effect, which provide for different categories of licenses to be issued to legally possess firearms in South Africa.

The different categories specify the specific purpose for which the person may possess a firearm as well as the limitation on the number of firearms that a person may legally possess in South Africa.

With your firearm application form, attach a certified copy of:

  • your identity document
  • the certificate obtained from the accredited training provider
  • two sets of fingerprints

If you have a valid competency certificate, you can apply for the firearm license at your nearest SAPS Station. To apply you need:

  • To submit the application form (Form SAP 271) at your nearest SAPS Station
  • Two (not older than 3 months) colour photographs (passport size)
  • Certified copy of identity document or passport
  • Certified copy of competency certificate
  • Certified copy of permanent residence permit in case of a non-South African citizen
  • A proper motivation indicating the reasons for the need of the firearm
  • To pay the prescribed fees

Please familiarise yourself with the requirement in respect of:

  • License to possess firearms: Business
  • License to trade in firearms and ammunition
  • License to conduct business as a Gunsmith


All firearms licenses must be renewed every:

  • Five years for self-defence
  • Five years for business purposes
  • Ten years for hunting or sports related shooting


The Act limits the number of firearms for which you can get a license, depending on your needs:

  • Firearms for self-defence - one handgun or shotgun which is not fully or semi-automatic
  • Up to four firearms for occasional hunters or sports shooters (but only one handgun and no fully or semi-automatic rifles and shotguns)
  • No limit for dedicated hunters and sports shooters, but you must prove that you are a dedicated member of a hunting or sports organization, and must show the need for additional firearms
  • No limit for people who use firearms for business purposes, but strict conditions apply


You may only own 200 rounds of ammunition for each firearm and can only have ammunition which is suitable for that firearm.


In terms of the Firearms Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000) no firearm and or ammunition may be transported in,, imported into, exported out of or in-transit through South Africa without a valid transport import, export, multiple import/export or in-transit permit.


(a) The applicant must complete the relevant sections of the SAP 520 (b) form;

(b) Two recent colour photographs (passport size);

(c) A certified copy of the resolution or decision of the juristic person, nominating the responsible person to apply on its behalf;

(d) Documentary proof that a proper functioning two way communication system between the vehicle transporting the firearms or ammunition and the applicant is in operation;

(e) A written detailed description of the safety measures fitted to the vehicle that will be used;

(f) Documentary proof of existence as a business entity.

No person may transport any firearm or ammunition for reward without being in possession of a firearm transporter’s permit issued in terms of the Act.

A firearm transporter’s permit may be issued to a person who is a fit and proper person to conduct business as a firearm transporter.

The Minister may prescribe conditions which the Registrar may impose on the holder of a permit issued in terms of the Act. (Section 86).

The conditions which the Registrar imposes must be specified in the permit.


Firearms bought on auction can only be delivered to the buyer in a reasonable time period.

It is the intention of Gun SA Pty Ltd. to courier products on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s depending on availability of product etc.

All goods will be couriered or delivered at the address specified in the order form and order confirmation.

Due to availability of product, goods may be sent to or delivered at your address in portions.

If any portion of the order is still outstanding within 60 days from the auction the buyer is entitled to cancel the order and will be refunded.

Import or export duties, where applicable, is payable by the buyer. These duties are payable once the shipment reaches the buyers designated address.

All clearances and other levies are for the account of the buyer, Please liaise with your local custom officials with regard to this.

Cross border shipments are subject to inspection by custom authorities, resulting in the opening and resealing of the shipment.

Buyers are responsible for payment of all delivery and courier charges.

Gun SA will contact the seller within 48 hours from the date of order to finalise the arrangements with regard to the delivery of the items bought on auction.

Gun SA has five options in respect of the courier services:

  • SA post registered (Documentation)
  • Speed post (Documentation)
  • DHL (Non Gun controlled items)
  • Fastway Couriers (Non Gun controlled items)
  • Rams (Gun controlled items)

or the buyer has the option to collect the item himself.

In the event of a buyer collecting the items bought, himself, positive proof of identification in the form of identity document as well as the firearms license, is required.

In the event of the services of a courier being used, a certified copy of the license must be delivered to the offices of Gun SA (#6 Disseldoring Street, Roodekrans, Roodepoort, Gauteng) prior to the dispatchment of the items.

The firearms and/or ammunition will not be released to any other person than the license owner/holder.

Clothing, bows, airguns, etc., will be sent by Seller’s Choice off courier.


The purchase price and all other levies and/or fees are payable in advance. All payments will be effected via EFT banking. The bank account number and other banking details will be reflected on an order sent to the buyer, stating his full names, identity number and the delivery address.

A non-refundable handling fee or “Get a Quote’ fee off R 200,00 (Two HundredRand) will be charged on each order.

Courier fee amounts to the amount quoted by RAMS COURIERS.

In the event of the buyer being unsuccessful in obtaining a license, the purchase price less 40%, handling cost and the storage costs R110-00/ Month pending the application for a license will be refunded to the buyer. (www.gunsa.co.za)

If the client does not apply within 3 months the buyer will pay storage fees going back to purchasing date. R110-00/Month.

If the buyer did apply to the SAPS 6 months storage will be free after which the buyer will pay R110-00/Month

All firearms at GUNSA PTY LTD are stored at the clients risk; please obtain insurance from your own insurance company.


  • Don’t do crime;
  • Stay away from drug and alcohol abuse;
  • Comply with the Domestic Violence Act;
  • Get basic training from an accredited trainer.

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