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Does Mr. Roof help with insurance claims?

We are able to negotiate on your behalf with any of the major insurance carriers for your insurance claims, keeping your best interest in mind.

Does Mr. Roof provide a warranty on repairs?

Yes, all of our repair and replacement work comes with a written warranty. With other roofing companies, there is typically a difference between the roofer’s warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty. Mr. Roof warranties are different, and offer a clear advantage to going with our competitors.

Is financing available?

We offer financing with approved credit for our roofing, windows, siding, gutters, and insulation services.

Can I be sued if someone is injured on my property during installation?

If you hire a reputable company with proper insurance, there is nothing to worry about. Mr. Roof carries all necessary insurance and bonding to keep you protected, and we can provide proof of this prior to beginning any job.

How long has Mr. Roof been around?

Mr. Roof has been in business over 50 years and satisfied over 300,000 customers.

If it rains during installation, will my home be protected?

Yes. We take all the necessary precautions to protect your home in case of rain and inclement weather.

How much does an estimate cost?

Mr. Roof estimates are free and offered at no obligation.

What information do you need from me before the estimate?

Someone from our friendly customer service team will give you a pre-appointment call so we can understand your project goals. Once a project consultant arrives at your home for the estimate, we'll take measurements and explore your options with you.

How long does it take to install a roof?

We try to complete work quickly in order to minimize interruption to your life. Most of our roof replacements can be done in a day.

Will sales people come to my home?

A project consultant will come to your home to to take measurements, review your options, and put together a detailed quote on the spot. We’ll answer any questions to help you decide if we’re the right fit for your project.

Who will come to my home for the estimate?

A project consultant will come to your home to show you product offerings, take measurements for your project, and give you a detailed quote. We’ll help you decide if we’re the right fit for your project by answering any questions.

Does the Mr. Roof warranty apply to both materials and labor?

Yes. We take 100% accountability for materials an labor, unlike most of our competitors. We stand behind our premium roofing products—if anything fails, we’ve got you covered.

Does the interactive 3D visualization cost extra?

Our 3D visualization technology is offered free of charge through our partnership with HOVER. After scheduling your appointment, you will recieve a link to download the app. From there you will be instructed on how to take pictures of your home to see your project with different product and color options.

Can someone take pictures of my home for me?

If you are unable to take pictures of your home yourself, the project consultant who arrives at your home will be able to do it for you. It may slow down the process slightly, but we are happy to help.

How do I take pictures of my home if trees obstruct the view of my house?

Trees and other obstructions are usually not an issue. You will receive instruction as to how to best photograph your home.

How much does a new roof cost?

Monthly payments start as low as $69 for new roofing systems with our roof financing options. When you receive your free estimate, we will show you open book pricing as you can make a decision from there.

What happens if my insurance company turns down my claim?

We can give you an open book pricing estimate if the insurance company denies your claim, and will introduce to you our financing options. There is never any obligation to buy during our estimating process.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Do I need to be at home during the install?

You do not have to be home for roofing or siding jobs, which are completed 100% from the exterior of your home. With the majority of our roofing jobs completed in one day, you could come back home from a full day of work to see your project completed, and your yard just how you left it. Our installers are licensed and insured so you don't have to worry.

Who does the installation of my project?

Insured and bonded factory-trained installers contracted by Mr. Roof will complete your project.


How long will it take for my roof to be replaced?

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We can typically install a new roof in one day, including tear off of your old roof, haul, installation of your new roof, and 100% of the clean up. We will never compromise speed for quality – we’ve just perfected our system, and we want to minimize disruption to your life as much as possible.

What's the best time during the year to replace my roof?

We replace and repair roofs all year round and use shingles that are uniquely designed for year-round installation. Wintertime installation is complemented by a rubberized component of the shingle. Regardless of the time of year, you’ll receive our quality service and product.

Do roof leaks cause long-term damage?

Yes. A roof leak will result in damage to your roofing system and home. Have your roof inspected regularly or as soon as you notice attic leaks and damage to avoid the growth of mold.

How do I know if my home needs a new roof?

To determine if your home needs a new roof consider the age of roof, it's appearance, and whether or not there are leaks. Typical shingle roofs last approximately 12-20 years.

Regular inspections can help you monitor the appearance of your roof. Our experts will photograph what you cannot see from the ground, such as physical damage, broken shingles, or granule surfacing loss.

Leakage is first visible in the attic. If you have access to the attic, grab a flashlight and look for beams of light coming through the top of the house, as well as stains and streaks, which signal a leaky roof.

Are there different color schemes of roofing systems to choose from?

Yes. Here at Mr. Roof, we love turning homes into dream homes, and are experts at helping homeowners choose a roofing style that fits their home aesthetic. We'll show you an array of options and samples during your free estimate. Visit our shingles and colors page to see all of your options.

Does a roof installation use staples or nails?

We use specialized nails. Our Trident 3 has a barbed shank tech and three times the holding power of regular nail and prevent water from leaking into your home, unlike a smooth shank nail.

What is an ice dam?

The ridge of ice that forms along the edge of your roof is called an ice dam, and it can cause interior leaks. Ice dam buildup can be mitigated with proper attic ventilation. Every roof we install is designed with the dangers of ice dams in mind, with layers of protection in place to prevent leakage.

How does Mr. Roof protect my home against ice?

We use ice guard on our roof systems, and we don’t stop there. Every single one of our newly installed roofs includes an underlayment, which will protect the entire roof from leakage caused by ice build up.

Does Mr. Roof utilize ice guard?

Absolutely. But when it comes to ice dam leakage, we don’t stop there. Every single one of our newly installed roofs includes an underlayment, which will protect the entire roof from leakage caused by ice build up.

Will my landscaping get damaged during a roof installation?

We take precautions and work diligently to protect your landscaping during the installation process. We cover yard areas with tarps, and when the job is complete, clean up nails using an industrial-size magnet roller.

How does hail damage a roof?

"Hail causes damage by removing protective granules from the outer layer of roof shingles, exposing the underlying mat to sunlight and causing shingle erosion. Contact Mr. Roof to have a roofing inspector survey any damage free of charge. Hail damage is usually covered by homeowners insurance, and our project consultants are happy to help you submit an insurance claim.

Does homeowners insurance cover the cost of a new roof after hail damage?

Hail damage can be subjective and there may be differing opinions about the extent and cost of the damage. Insurance liaisons at Mr. Roof are available to help you with your claims so you can be sure you get the most out of your homeowners insurance.

Are missing shingles a problem?

Missing shingles are often a sign of a bigger problem for your roofing system, and simply replacing them is often not enough. By the time you notice missing shingles, your roof may already be water damaged.

Can a new roof can lower utility bills?

A proper roofing system with ventilation system will lower utility bills. Insulation and ventilation work together to regulate the temperature of your home. Schedule a free estimate with Mr. Roof can to have your roofing system inspected.

Should I be home during a roof installation?

You do not need to be at home during a roof installation. All of the work is done on the exterior of your home, and our contractors are licensed and insured so you can feel comfortable with them completing the work while your away.

Does Mr. Roof cover roof repairs?

Mr. Roof repair all types of roofs including shingle, slate, tile, metal, and flat roofs.

Is there a minimum number of windows I need to order?

There is no minimum for orders, but for the free estimate to apply we’d like to look at at least two windows that need replaced.

What does it mean for a window to be energy star rated?

Energy Star is the internationally recognized standard for energy efficient consumer products, which was created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) in 1992.

Are Mr. Roof windows energy star rated?

Yes. We care about the environment and believe in saving you money on your heating and cooling bills. All our windows come with an Energy Star rating.

What does "U" value mean for windows?

U-Value measures the efficiency of a window and is administered by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The value is determined by looking at the window assembly and its resistance to heat flow. High performing windows have a U-Value of .30 or less. The Mr. Roof Heritage window line has a U-Value of .27. The Heritage Plus window line has a U-Value of .23, and is nearly the lowest attainable U-Value for a window with a double pane insulated glass unit.

Are windows warrantied through Mr. Roof?

Our window warranties cover both labor and material – if it fails, you'll be covered. We stand behind our products for as long as you live in your home. Visit our warranties page to read more.

Does Mr. Roof offer different grades of windows?

Yes. We have options to meet a variety of needs, and our open book pricing ensures you'll know where our prices come from.

How much does it cost to install new windows?

The typical cost for replacing the windows in an entire house starts at $2,500. If you qualify for financing, payments typically start at $49/month. We will share our open book rates with you, to eliminate any mystery in our pricing guidelines. Keep in mind that many factors determine the final cost of our window installation projects, such as the type of window and the window grades (“R” value, “U” value).

What does it mean for windows to be fusion welded?

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Fusion welding is a type of welding that provides superior strength and aesthetics. All 3 of our window lines have fusion welded mainframes and sashes. This type of welding provides superior strength and is a cleaner aesthetic.

What benefits will new windows provide?

New windows ensure you’ll see lowered utility bills, increased energy efficiency, better safety, added comfort, and nicer and more modern aesthetics.

How much can I save in utility costs with new windows?

Savings will vary depending on your lifestyle. We aim to save you 49% on your energy usage with Mr. Roof windows and other energy saving products throughout your entire home.

Can Mr. Roof windows be cleaned from inside my home?

Yes. Most of the windows we use can be easily cleaned from inside of your home.

What does "low-e" mean?

Low-e stands for low-emittance. It refers to a special clear coating put on glass that reflects the sun’s rays. This process assists in blocking radiant heat transfer. All Mr. Roof windows are available with low-e.

What is argon when it comes to windows?

Argon is a specific type of gas that is used to fill the space between panes of glass in efficient windows. Argon gas is denser than oxygen; therefore, it offers insulating qualities.

What is krypton when it comes to windows?

In the world of windows and window installation, Krypton is not Superman’s home planet. It’s actually a gas used to fill the space between panes of glass in efficient windows. Krypton is denser than oxygen and argon. This means that it offers superior insulating qualities over both.

When is the best time of year to install new windows?

There is no time that is more ideal. Mr. Roof can install windows all year long.

I have storm windows, will I be able to keep them?

With our new windows, you will not need storm windows. Generally, our installers remove and discard of storm windows at the time of your new window installation.

Are Mr. Roof windows stock sizes or are they custom made?

At Mr. Roof, we would never try to make a stock window fit. Mr. Roof windows are custom made to the opening in your home, which ensures a perfect fit.

Does Mr. Roof also install exterior doors?

Yes! Mr. Roof has a selection of exterior doors to choose from. We can install any kind of exterior door, whether it is decorative front doors with sidelights, utility doors, and even patio sliding doors. Our estimators are happy to provide options and pricing.


What is the typical cost of new siding?

New siding typically starts at $2,500. Our project consultants use open book pricing so you can see exactly where our prices are coming from, and we will provide you with a free estimate on the spot. If you qualify for financing, monthly payments typically start at $49 for new siding installation.

How long does siding installation take to complete?

Our goal is to ensure that you get a quality job that is done quickly and efficiently. We always consider the size of the job before determining the team in which we assign. We aim for the typical installation to not take more than a few days.

Will my landscaping be damaged during installation?

We take precautions to protecting your plants and shrubs, and take pride in leaving your property exactly as it was when we arrived. Before we begin any work, we lay down tarps, and after installation we clear any nails by running an industrial magnet roller throughout your yard.

How can I make my siding maintenance free?

To make your home maintenance free, install vinyl siding and eliminate all exterior surfaces that require painting.

Wood surface exteriors can be wrapped in aluminum, or replaced maintenance free trim. The estimators at Mr. Roof can provide options and pricing for you. We use open book pricing, so there is never a question about where our prices come from.

What are the different kinds of siding?

There are a variety of low maintenance siding possibilities. Options range from Crane Board, Premium Pointe, Market Square, Portsmouth Shake and Shingles, Royal Board and Batten, and James Hardie Board. Mr. Roof is a factory-certified vinyl siding installer. Our project consultants can speak to the characteristics and design of each siding style to help you determine which type is best for you.

What is the benefit to vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is the most popular type of siding material in the United States due to it being largely maintenance free. Vinyl siding does not need to be painted and comes in many colors and textures that simulate wood, but do not rot.

Was is the benefit to solid core siding?

Solid core siding is vinyl siding enhanced with a solid insulated backer. This makes it more rigid and enhances insulation properties.

What is the benefit of fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding is a thin plank textured to simulate wood. It is made from cement and reinforcement mesh. Once painted, fiber cement siding simulates painted wood siding.

What is the benefit of composite siding?

Composite siding is becoming popular for outdoor decks. It simulates wood, will not rot, and does not need to be painted.

Do I have to have my siding painted?

Our vinyl siding options are designed to never need painting.

What is Mr. Roof's siding warranty?

We stand behind our premium siding products for as long as you live in your home with our lifetime warranty. If it fails, you will be covered.

How long does new siding last?

Mr. Roof siding products are designed to last a lifetime. Visit our warranties page to read more.

Will I save money with new siding?

New siding provides a number of ways to lower your home’s utility bills. Rigid insulation board and insulation can be installed prior to siding installation. Solid core siding is a type that will automatically raise the “R-factor,” or insulating value, of your home. And an exterior wrap, such as Tyvek, will raise the efficiency of your walls.

How durable is vinyl siding?

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Vinyl siding is very durable. It will only crack if it is hit with large hail stones or a baseball bat, etc.

What is the best time to install siding?

New siding can be installed at any time during the year. There is no “best time” to install new siding.

What should I have installed first, new windows or siding?

It makes sense to install both windows and siding together, however the order of the installation process does not matter one bit. Our contractors will explain plenty of options that get the job done. We are happy to provide you with an estimate and our professional opinion on moving forward with your home’s renovations.

Should gutters be installed before siding?

If you intend to make your soffit and fascia board maintenance free, then yes. Our contractors are happy to provide you with the options that Mr. Roof has available. Our pricing is open book, you will have everything that you need to make a decision in which you are comfortable with.

I have stucco on my home, can siding still be installed?

Yes. At Able Roof, our siding contractors can install new siding over your old stucco.

If my home has stucco can new siding be installed?

Yes. At Mr. Roof, our siding contractors can install new siding over your old stucco.

Does Mr. Roof have vertical siding?

Many of Mr. Roof’s siding installations are in a vertical profile.


What is the most common masonry problem?

The most common masonry problem results from changes in the temperature. When the weather fluctuates, masonry work expands and contracts, resulting in cracking. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with us to determine the cause, and what kind of action is needed.

Any masonry chimney should be waterproofed as a preventative measure because masonry materials are porous. Without waterproofing, water can seep into your chimney and cause damage to your home.

What is a chimney crown?

The crown is a large concrete slab that protects and holds together the top portion of your chimney. In order to shed water, it is common for the crown to be sloped.

What kinds of masonry work cab Mr. Roof provide?

Mr. Roof has specialty crews of skilled contractors who can complete masonry repair of all types, as well as stucco, brick, block, and stone services. We have experience in basement and foundation installation and repair, waterproofing, patio and driveway pavers, historical preservation, and maintenance. Read more (BOX - Bulleted list) Types of masonry work: - Tuckpointing - Chimney repair and rebuild - Chimney reline and resleeve - Restorative waterproofing - Historical preservation - Erosion control - Facade installation - Laying pavers and walkways - Building patios - Visit our masonry page to learn more.

Why is a chimney crown important?

The crown of your chimney is an important aspect to keeping moisture from entering the chimney and therefore your home. Damaged or cracked crowns allow water to trickle in and may cause damage to your entire home. They are made of concrete which is resistant to moisture.

Why is fixing a cracked chimney crown important?

Water will enter the chimney if the crown is cracked, eventually breaking the mortar down and causing extensive chimney damage. During the winter, this water will freeze and thaw repeatedly and this can crack your actual chimney. Once water finds its way into your chimney cavity, it will find its way into your home causing more damage, resulting in costly repairs.

Can I just add cement to my cracked chimney crown?

Mr. Roof does not recommend simply adding cement to a cracked chimney crown. Eventually the crack will reappear worse than it was before. At Mr. Roof, we use a special flexible crown compound that is flexible and will not crack.

What does Mr. Roof use to repair cracked chimney crowns?

Mr. Roof uses a special flexible crown compound developed specifically for crown repair called Crown Seal. Once applied, it not only fixes the crack, but prevents the crown from cracking again through its indefinite flexibility.

Why is my chimney crown cracked?

Chimney crowns are made of cement because it is resistant to water, but because cement is not flexible the crown will ultimately crack. At Mr. Roof, we use a special flexible sealant to fix chimney cracks so they won't reappear and cause damage to your chimney and home. Expansion and contraction of masonry due to fluctuations in temperature is a common reason for cracking.

Top reasons for cracked chimney crowns:

- Concrete shrinkage

- Damage due to water freezing, then thawing

- A shift in the chimney structure

My roof is leaking around my chimney, it the cause my roof or my chimney?

Without an expert getting on your roof to assess the situation it is impossible to determine the cause of a leak. Our specialty crew of skilled masons is trained to uncover the cause of a leak, and can do this at no cost to you.

How can I tell of my chimney crown needs repaired?

It's hard to tell yourself from the ground, but the our specialty crew of masonry contractors are happy to inspect it for you free or charge and put together an estimate if damage is found. We will photograph what we see, and explain the damage and steps necessary to correct the situation. A little maintenance goes a long way to reverse damage and will save you money in the future.

What is a masonry chimney?

Any chimney made of masonry materials, such as brick, stucco, stone, or block, is considered a masonry chimney. The distinguishing factor: masonry is very porous and needs to be waterpRoofed.

Should my chimney be waterproofed?

Your chimney should be waterpRoofed as a preventative measure. Masonry is porous and water can seap into it and break down the mortar that holds your chimney together.

What is chimney waterproofing made of?

Our waterproofing is siloxane. This material penetrates deep into the masonry – which allows for it to breathe while still protecting against water infiltration.

Does waterproofing change the look of my chimney?

No. Our siloxone waterproofing is transparent and does not alter the appearance of your chimney.

How long does chimney crown repair take to complete?

Chimney crown repair time varies depending on the size of the chimney, but generally only takes a few hours.

Should I repair my chimney at the same time that a new Roof, windows, or siding is installed?

With Able Roof, absolutely. We offer special rates for bundling packages.

What is a chimney reline?

A chimney reline is the installation of stainless steel or alloy piping that runs along the inside of the masonry cavity. It may be necessary to have your chimney relined when the existing clay flue liners become damaged, or when appliances such as high efficiency furnaces or wood burning stoves are used in tandem with your chimney.

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How often should I clean my gutters?

You won’t have to clean them at all if you choose to have gutter guards installed. Without gutter covers, check them in the spring and the fall and clean out any leaves and detrious.

How are gutters installed?

Slope and support both come into play when it comes to assessing installation techniques for your gutter system. Slope determines the rate that rain will be able to pour down the gutter. Gutter hangers are crucial to the gutter support system, and the climate in your area will determine spacing.

How many downspouts do I really need?

You’ll want to see a downspout every 20 to 40 feet, depending on the slope of your roof and the rooflines.

How do I know if I need new gutters?

Gutter experts at Mr. Roof are happy to come out to your home and inspect your gutter system for you, free of charge. Gutters are often overlooked but an important aspect of your roofing system. Issues with gutters will impact other areas of your home, getting worse over time. You want to figure out whether your home needs new gutters as soon as possible.

How long do gutters last?

If you take the time to clean your gutters and follow proper maintenance protocols, your gutters should last about 20 years without needing a replacement.

Will my new gutters be the same color?

In most cases, yes. We can explore new colors if you would like, but typically we are able to find an exact color match without having to do any painting.

When should I call a gutter professional?

Gutters installed incorrectly will cause problems for your entire roofing system. Call Mr. Roof for an inspection at no cost and we'll give you an estimate for our gutter replacement services.


When should I replace attic ventilation?

A major indicator of the longevity of your roof is attic ventilation, and the best time to replace attic ventilation is when you install a new roof. Ask Mr. Roof to inspect your attic as part of our estimation process and we will tell you if new ventilation makes sense for you.

What is insulation R-value?

The R-Value indicates insulation’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the number is, the better it insulates and resists heat flow. To determine what R-Value your attic insulation needs, we look at climate and the type of structure being insulated.

Why is it important to insulate an attic?

It is important to insulate your attic space because home heat loss can can occur without it. Attic insulation traps heat inside, increasing comfort and efficiency, and serves as the first line of defense when protecting against inclement weather.

How long blown-in attic insulation take to install?

Our attic insulation is blown-in and can be done in one day.

Will new attic insulation save me money?

Yes. By keeping cool or warm air in, depending on the season, professional attic insulation can lower your energy bills by as much as $600 per year.

Why insulate an attic?

Having efficient insultion is the key to increasing the comfort of your home. Proper insulation allows your attic to fulfill its role as a protective barrier from cold, heat, and humidity. Insulation will save you money, and it helps save the environment by reducing energy use. The Department of Energy says attic insulation will save you 10% - 50% in energy bills.

What is the best type of attic insulation?

There are three types of attic insulation: batt, blown, or sprayed. Batt uses large pieces of pre-formed insulation. Blown-in insulation uses a hose to give a complete layer of insulation, filling in gaps and crevices. Sprayed uses a similar technique to blown, but is considerably more expensive. Mr. Roof uses blown-in glass insulation to provide coverage without breaking the bank.

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(Video) Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Replacement

On the other hand, a quality local roofing company will know what local installation codes to follow, the paperwork required, and everything else they’ll need to ensure your roof is correctly installed and in compliance with your state’s requirements.. However, if a roofing company really cares about how your roof is installed, they’ll provide you with a lifetime warranty.. To learn more about your roof warranties, read this article on what roof warranties cover .. Anytime you have work done on your roof, a roofing contractor should do everything possible to protect your property.. Now you know the top 8 questions you should ask a roofing contractor.

Important questions to ask include, “When do I need to pay?” and “How long does it take to complete roofing installation?” You’ll want to ask your roofing contractor what shingles they use, the company’s time in business, and other key indicators to judge the quality of service.. By asking these questions before you begin working with a roofing contractor you can ensure the highest-quality installation for your new roof and prevent any unwelcome surprises along the way .. Learn what to ask your roofing contractor and what warning signs to watch for before signing a contract.. Being prepared will help you find a roofing contractor who will make your roofing experience convenient and stress-free.. If your roofing contractor encounters an unforeseen circumstance, such as finding completely rotted wood within your roof, it will likely increase the overall cost of installation.. Most roofing contractors will include a section in the contract stating you cannot back out after three days of signing the contract.. This is what you should look for in a roofing contractor:. Learn the roofing lingo in the roof parts diagram below to better understand your roofing contractor and to provide them with greater detail when needed.

When talking to potential roofing companies, there are some questions you will want to have answered before you sign on the dotted line.. General liability, is for any damage done to your house by the roofing company.. This can be a warning sign , as there is no guarantee how good they are if they are not related to the roofing company you are negotiating with.. A roofing contractor bond is surety & protection against illegal and unwanted actions the company may do as well as full completion of the project.. The bond is insurance for you by a third party that the roofing company performed his services in a satisfactory manner.. If you want to get a rough estimate on how much new roofing will cost, check out our roofing estimator .. When getting estimates from roofing companies, asking if there is a local project nearby in progress that you can visit will give you an idea of how the work will be performed.. The roofing contractor should obtain necessary permits for the roofing project.. This is just extra bonus points for the roofing company.


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