Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (2022)

Fish Finder Review 2022 – Which sounder should I buy

Fish Finder Review 2022 – Which sounder should I buy for my Kayak, tinnie or boat. With kayak fishing and boating booming, this has become a very common question. However, this question is generally answered by your available budget, fishing style and features required. This guide will walk you through the available features and price ranges to help you decide.

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Watch the video below of s roadtesting a Lowrance Elite ti2 7 sounder in a Hobie Pro Angler Kayak. You can also see more Kayak Fishing Videos.

Fish Finder options based on tier

We generally separate sounder fish finders into 3 separate categories entry-level, mid-tier and high end. Which have a contrasting price point and set of features designed for different applications.

Entry-level fish finder recommendations are generally priced between $400 and $1,000

  • Lowrance Hook Reveal
  • Garmin striker plus
  • Garmin echoMAP Plus series

Mid-tier fish finder recommendations are generally priced between $1,000 and $1,500

  • Lowrance elite FS
  • Simrad Go series
  • Garmin echoMAP UHD

High-end fish finder recommendations are generally priced at $1,500 and above

  • Lowrance HDS live
  • Simrad NSS evo3 series
  • Garmin echoMAP Ultra
  • Furuno FCV series

Downscan vs traditional 2D Sonar

When buying a sounder make sure you give time to consider what features you require. Understanding the difference in features, capability and price are key for making the right choice, For example, Traditional 2D sonar shows a radius under your boat whilst Downscan gives a clearer view with more detail straight down of what is underneath you. Both can be very useful, but it’s great to have both.

(Video) Tips For Buying a Fish Finder - Get the BEST PRICE Possible!!!

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Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (4)

Down imaging vs Side imaging

Fish Finder Review 2021. This image really represents the difference between side imaging, down imaging and traditional 2D sonar. Each view tells a different story. Down scan has a narrow beam pointing down giving you a clear view of what’s directly under you, Traditional gives a general view of a radius to the sides and underneath you and side imaging casts a beam out to each side of the boat giving you a lot more detail of fish and structure in the distances.

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Best entry level low-cost fish finder and sounder for 2022

Lowrance Hook Reveal fish finder review 2022

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (6)

These new fish finders just hit the market in Jan 2020 and are a successor to the very popular Hook 2 range. These sounders are considered entry-level tier with an affordable price point but a nice set of features. With powerful performance with fish-finding tools including, Autotuning Sonar, DownScan Imaging and now FishReveal technology. These make fish easier to see by combining CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging on one screen. Navigating is simple with the GPS Plotter, which makes the route, trail and waypoint navigation easy.

The Lowrance Hook Reveal is available in the following options

  • Hook Reveal 5 inch with GPS Plotter, Maps, DownScan and deep water performance
  • Hook Reveal 7 inch with GPS Plotter, Maps, DownScan, SideScan and deep water performance
  • Hook Reveal 9 inch with GPS Plotter, Maps, DownScan, SideScan and deep water performance

These units are one of the most affordable and one of the most popular sounders used for kayaks and smaller boats. Lowrance has marketed this as the world’s easiest sounder to operate with set and forget technology meaning this sounder requires little to no manual configuration and automatically updates the settings depending on the system and depth that you are fishing. You can go into the settings and adjust the colours, depth, chirp and sensitivity but we typically don’t see too many people playing with the settings of these units.

For the price, you pay it offers a really good range of features including traditional scan, down scan, side scan, maps, plotter, and sd card slot for software updates and chart upgrades. The main difference between the Hook 2s and the Hook reveals is the new fish reveal technology. This is where they have new colours and overlays on the downscan setting with a lot more colours, defined shapes, and clarity to help you identify fish easily. These improvements allow you to easily identify the difference between fish, bait, and structure

For me, the downside to these sounders is 2 major things. No touch screen, having to use buttons to reposition maps, zooming and general features is so frustrating. Also quite poor readings in certain situations. when moving at a reasonably slow speed you get a lot of interference and poor readings and the readings can also be quite poor really shallow water, deep water and certainly. That’s because the transducer is much smaller and casts out a weaker signal and the returns are not as accurate as your higher-end models like the elite ti12, HDS Live, Simard, go and NSS EVO 3s.

In terms of usage, it has very easy Navigation, home button select button pages allow you to move between modes easily. You can also easily add and customise split screens,Enable plotter,Mark waypoints and change basic system settings and controls

In summary, at that entry-level space, the hook reveals are a really good choice. You get a lot of features for that lower price point. The screen is sharp, has great colours, and easy to flick between the scanning modes and is easy to manage waypoints. The downside is the readings are just as not accurate. That being said if you fishing from a kayak or a tinnie maybe you don’t need readings in deep waters when moving around. If you are new to boating and kayaking these would make an excellent option.

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Garmin Striker Vivid fish finder review 2022

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (8)

In 2019 Garmin released the first of their STRIKER series. A cut down version of the Echomap series at an affordable price point. The key difference being that these trimmed down versions had no maps or data storage. However the take up on these sounders was excellent and now Garmin has made some updates to this series adding a transducer update, and a new colour scheme.

All the Striker devices come with a high sensitivity receiver so fishers can not only see fish and structures below the boat but can also quickly mark their favourite spots. When trolling the GPS will update position once per second giving you an extremely accurate positional report for waypoints, dialling in the exact trolling speed and optimising lure presentation. You can also share waypoint data across Striker Plus units as well as the new Echomap Plus series.

  • Features 7 vivid colour options for sonar to easily identify fish and obstacles
  • Built-in GT20 transducer gives you both Garmin’s CHIRP traditional and ClearVü sonar
  • Maneuverable tilt/swivel mounting bracket
  • Highly sensitive GPS for navigation and find waypoints
  • Easily mark your fishing spots, create routes and keep track of your speed
  • Built-in Quickdraw contour mapping to spot any obstacles or sandbanks
  • Join in with the Garmin Quickdraw™ community to download and share fishing maps

The striker vivid series has the following size options available for consumers.

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Best mid tier fish finders and sounder for 2022

Lowrance Elite FS fish finder Review 2022

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (10)

Released in December 2020 the new FS versions of the Elite sounder build upon the success of the previous Ti and Ti2 models. Refining existing features and adding new such as high-resolution active targeting, and multiple networking options. There are more colours, more detail and more customisation for a mid-tier sounder that offers a bucket load of features that you would expect out of a high-end unit. These units are a little more expensive than the previous Ti and Ti2 models but are still great value for money. Lowrance market these range of sounders for Avid Weekend anglers. Providing a heap of functionality without the premium price tag.

The Elite FS includes touchscreen functionality, the ability to syn and connect with Trolling motorsCHIRP Sonar, Down Imaging, TotalScan, including StructureScan HD. As well as Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for downloading software updates directly, custom maps and pairing to other units.

(Video) Best Fish Finders (2022 Buyer's Guide)

The Lowrance Elite FS comes in the following options

  • Elite FS7 + Active Image + 3-1 Transducer + CMAP – RRP $1,599
  • Elite FS9 + Active Image + 3-1 Transducer + CMAP – RRP $1,899

Check out the video below which highlights how we found a school of pinkie snapper our elite ti2 sounder on a small boat on traditional sonar scanning.

Simrad Go Series

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (11)

Available in 4 sizes and 2 models spanning the XSC and XRS range which is a little confusing to understand. The Simrad GO series offers buyers an intuitive touchscreen that smartphone users will find instantly familiar. Easily tap to create or select waypoints, pinch to zoom, or tap and drag to pan smoothly across charts. Simple home screen and menu layouts make all functions quickly accessible, with large and clearly-captioned icons that are easy to recognise and tap.

The Simrad GO Chartplotter navigation display expands the capabilities of sportboats, cruisers, and smaller centre consoles with plug-and-play support for Simrad Broadband Radar, Halo Pulse Compression radar systems. Behind a super-bright, multi-touch widescreen display lies a built-in GPS receiver, wireless connectivity, and industry standard NMEA 2000 networking. Connect with smartphones and tablets, control your onboard sound system, monitor engine data, and choose from an array of built-in sonar technology to cruise with confidence and find fish like a pro.

  • Easy to use multi-touch interface
  • Supports the widest range of charts
  • Built-in Broadband Sounder™, CHIRP sonar, StructureScan® HD imaging or ForwardScan™ sonar support (transducer required)
  • Radar display for Simrad Broadband 3G™/4G™ and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar (GO7 XSR, GO9 XSE, GO12 XSE)
  • Compatible with the Simrad WM-3 SiriusXM satellite weather module
  • Quick Navigation:

Garmin EchoMap UHD

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (12)

The Garmin EchoMap UHD 65CV Combo is a user-friendly fishfinder series. available in a bright 6, 7 or 9-inch display. The Chartplotter features a CHIRP traditional sonar, a transducer for high-def scanning, and a quick-release bail mount for ease of use. You can use the pre-loaded maps to navigate with ease, or make your own maps with the Quickdraw™ Contours mapping system. The built-in ActiveCaptain app gives you all-in-one access to the OneChart™ feature, smart notifications, and access to the Garmin Quickdraw™ community. You can share your maps with the community or take advantage of other maps from expert anglers. It has built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity, so you always have access to up-to-date info. The GT24-UHD Transducer supports ultra high-def ClearVü, which provides a crystal clear image of the world beneath your boat.

  • Features
  • Supports ultra high-definition ClearVü
  • Crystal-clear view with great resolution
  • Sunlight-readable 6” screen
  • Great target separation in freshwater and saltwater
  • Build-in Wi-Fi for the free ActiveCaptain app
  • Includes GT24-UHD Transducer
  • Quick-release bail mount for quick, easy removal and storage
  • Pre-loaded maps for easy navigation – or you can create your own

Best high end fish finders and sounder for 2022

Lowrance HDS Live fish finder review 2022

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (13)

The HDS Live Sounders by Lowrance were released in 2019 and superseded what was the popular HDS Carbon series.It was one of the first sounders on the market to have Active imaging, Fish Reveal technology which is now found in many sounders today like the Elite FS, and Hook Reveal range ).You can also buy upgraded hardware to enable features like Structure Scan and live sight. ( to see things happening in real-time, like dropping your lures dropping, or fish chasing your lures ).All your major retailers by default will sell this unit with the Active 3-1 transducer and CMAP

When the unit was released its major selling points were

  • Clear high-resolution touch screen, great colours,
  • quad-core fast processor,
  • excellent readings and a good mix of auto and manual settings,
  • Wi-Fi to pair with other units and apps,
  • a whole range of frequencies and chirp settings 50khz through to 800khz which is basically the shape and direction of the beam to give you different readings. Most commonly using 83khz to 200khz
  • analogue and HDMI ports on the bigger units,
  • multiple SD card slots,
  • and large memory to store up to 3000 waypoints and 100 routes.
  • Wireless remotes
  • Pair multiple units. ( might have them at different parts of the boat or use one for maps and the other to find fish ).

They come in 4 sizes 7, 9, 12 & 16 inch screens


These units are so intuitive. Easy settings and easy clear apps to navigate your way around almost like a smartphone. Easy Navigation, a simple operating system which has icons and titles making it very easy to understand. It’s very simple to set up Split Screens,Change colours and much more.


  • Easy to create instant waypoints
  • Easy to add your own waypoints
  • Easy to navigate around waypoints using maps and waypoint screen
  • Storage and copy backup your waypoints

Auto vs manual.

The auto does a great job at auto-adjusting to where you’re fishing. So certain settings will automatically change depending on the depth and range. That being said you can easily adjust the frequency, gain, depth, chirp settings to get clearer readings. Now this can work really well if your find clutter on the screen ( weedy areas like WPort ) or if the readings are a bit weak.

Settings heaps of stuff here you can customise, I generally only change things such as miles/kilometres, feet/meters. Stuff along those lines.

For the most part, the unit does an excellent job in auto for traditional and downscan, however, you may want to consider manually changing the range when using side scan.

High chirp ( amazing detail for shallow water ) Low Chirp low-frequency wide beam great for deep water.

  • Low CHIRP or 50kHz—Lower frequency means higher power for deep-water fishing.
  • Medium CHIRP or 83kHz—Specifically designed to give the widest coverage area, 83 kHz is ideal for watching a bait under the transducer in shallow water.
  • High CHIRP or 200kHz—Higher frequencies display a higher resolution image making it easy to discern fish from structure or structure from the bottom.
  • 455kHz—Built into StructureScan HD and SpotlightScan, 455kHz allows for scanning of a large range with picture-like detail.
  • 800kHz—Also built into StructureScan HD and SpotlightScan, 800kHz yields less range but even higher resolution detail than 455kHz.


(Video) 7 BEST FISH FINDERS 2021

  • 7 inch $1,749 on special at BCF with 3-1 active transducer + CMAP
  • 9 inch $3,399 on special at BCF with 3-1 active transducer + CMAP
  • 12 inch $4,599 on special at BCF with 3-1 active transducer + CMAP
  • 16inch $TBC at BCF with 3-1 active transducer + CMAP


Power consumption – This is higher than some competitors like the Garmin UHD series and Simrad Go series.

2-year warranty 1 year on the transducer

It’s a great mid-range sounder. It’s one of the most popular sounders on the market and has been since its release in 2019. It has a high resolution, fast processor, great colours, excellent readings and a good mix of auto and manual settings.Its also fairly priced. This is a great unit for those with runabout boats or those with kayaks who want the best of the breed. Including active imaging, which provides greater detail without sacrificing range or having to change frequencies. There’s also active Imaging 3D enhancement, FishReveal, LiveSight Forward & Down – giving you a much more comprehensive view of fish activity.You can even integrate the sounder with other units, live radars, google maps, weather updates, music, and smartphones.

Simrad NSS Evo3 fish finder review 2022

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (14)

SIMRAD was founded in 1946, and is now part of the Navico group which includes Lowrance. Simrad is world-class leader in high-end fishing electronics. The Evo3 released in 2017 supersedes the Evo2 which was released in 2014 which was a terrific unit.

The NSS7 evo3 complements the larger screen sizes of the NSS evo3S range with a high-definition 7-inch display that delivers a big-picture view of high-detail, C-MAP US Enhanced inland and coastal charts, Radar, Active Imaging Sonar, and more. NSS evo3 has integrated wireless connectivity and an HDMI out, allowing you to mirror your display to your smartphone, tablet, or an onboard TV.

  • SolarMAX IPS display with extreme viewing angles; viewable through polarized sunglasses
  • Preloaded, high-detail C-MAP US Enhanced inland and coastal charts
  • Full operation via touchscreen or keypad controls
  • Touchscreen control of sonar, radar, autopilot and accessories
  • Industry-standard connectivity to engines, sound systems and more
  • Automatic routing support, plus easy trip planning with TripIntel
  • Flexible installation with low-profile flush mount or bracket mount options

Now for those who don’t know Simrad and Lowrance are owned brands of the parent company Navico, with the Lowrance brand covering the low and mid-end sounders range and Simrad being their high-end sounders. When you think of low-end sounders like the Lowrance hook reveals there are a few things that are really frustrating including poor transducer readings, Non Touch Screen and low resolutions.

However, The NSSO EVO3 is the complete opposite.

  • High-quality wide beam transducer which will give you really accurate readings to identify fish and structure.
  • You can do that across more depths, and motor along a little bit faster
  • Dual processor, High-resolution touch screen available in sizes from 7 inches to 16 inch
  • Outstanding definition and colour settings
  • It does all the basic features exceptionally well, like a plotter, charts, multi-screen
  • There’s also some really advanced stuff in here that I’ve never used like autopilot and halo radar integration

There is a lot of familiarity in operating system and dashboard across all Simrad and Lowrance units, going back to the main screen allows you to easily switch between traditional, down scan, side scan and split screens. And making your own custom split screens is very easy.Some Favourite features are the quick toggle scroll to zoom in on maps, zoom in on schools of fish

If you are in the market of buying a sounder you need to understand there are some massive fundamental differences between the low, mid and high-end sounders. The low and mid-end units are almost what I would classify as a set and forget and what I mean by that is the settings are usually left on auto and that means that the depth and readings will automatically adjust depending on where you are fishing.

These higher-end units require a lot of user manual control and tweaking that’s why it’s imperative you get familiar with the features and how to control the settings. In particular, you will find that you are constantly changing the gain, frequency, sensitivity, noise reduction and depth settings all depending on the location that you fishing. And you can easily do that using the touch screen and making minor adjustments like this. However, you will find that your constantly tweaking these settings and for some people that can get a tad annoying.

Now, these sounders will be out of the price range for many anglers, but id always stress sometimes spending a tiny bit more and the features and quality will last much longer and improve your experience on the water.

Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra fish finder review 2022

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (15)

The ECHOMAP Ultra Series combo fishfinder, with its bright, sunlight-readable 10″/12″ keyed-assist touchscreen display, has all the tools you need for successful fishing. It includes an all-in-one transducer for CHIRP traditional and Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars. It also includes preloaded BlueChart g2 coastal charts with Auto Guidance technology.

ECHOMAP Ultra Series Fishfinder features:

  • 10”/12″ keyed-assist touchscreen combo includes all-in-one transducer for CHIRP traditional and Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars
  • Built-in support for the full line of Panoptix™ sonars and the Panoptix LiveScope™ scanning sonar system, including Panoptix LiveScope LVS12 sonar
  • Preloaded with BlueChart® g3 Australia and New Zealand coastal charts with Auto Guidance1 technology
  • Share sonar, waypoints and routes with other ECHOMAP Ultra 10” and 12” units as well as ECHOMAP Plus 7” and 9” units
  • Built-in Quickdraw Contours mapping software instantly creates personalized fishing maps on-screen with 1’ contours as you fish
  • Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity pairs with the free ActiveCaptain® app
  • NMEA 2000® connectivity and support for heading sensors, autopilots, digital switching, weather, FUSION-Link™ audio system and more
  • Panoptix Sonar Support

Best fish finder for your kayak

When buying a sounder for a kayak you need to give a lot of thought to the size of the sounder ( considering many yaks have a small workable area ). The mounting system, battery location and transducer installation.

If you have a Hobie Kayak then Lowrance is a preferred brand choice. That’s because most Hobie kayak models come out of the factory Lowrance ready. Lowrance ready mounting brackets underneath the kayak so you can easily attach the transducer that comes with your sounder to the mounting brackets. This means no drilling during installation simply unscrew, attach run the cables through and screw back on.

Some terrific options include

(Video) Top 5 Best Fish Finders in 2022 | Review and Buying Guide

  • Lowrance hook reveal 5 and 7 inch models
  • Garmin Striker Vivid 5 and 7 inch models
  • Lowrance Elite FS 7 inch model
  • Simrad Go 7 inch model

Recently decommissioned fish finders

Lowrance Elite Ti2 Fish Finder Review 2022 ( superseded by Lowrance Elite FS in December 2020 )

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (16)

The Elite Ti2 was released in mid-2018 and build upon the success on the existing Ti models but add even more features such as active Imaging, Fish Reveal and a range of connectivity options. These units are great value for money and Lowrance target this at Avid Weekend anglers. Providing a heap of functionality without the premium price tag.

The Elite Ti2 has CHIRP Sonar, Down Imaging, TotalScan, including StructureScan HD. As well as Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for download software updates directly, custom maps and pairing to other units.

The Ti2 has touchscreen functionality, the ability to syn and connect with Trolling motors. These are a nice step up from the Hook 2 range providing more scanning, clearer screen and stronger readings.

The Lowrance Elite Ti2 come in the following options

  • Elite 7 Ti2 + Active Image + 3-1 Transducer + CMAP
  • Elite 9 Ti2 + Active Image + 3-1 Transducer + CMAP

They also come available in 12 inches would be unpractical for a kayak.

These start around the $1,000 price point and go all the way up to $3,000

Check out this image of a school of snapper we found using our elite ti2 sounder on a small boat on traditional sonar scanning.

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (17)

Lowrance Hook 2 Fish Finder Review 2022 ( superseded by Fish Reveal in May 2020 )

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (18)

Released towards the end of 2017 the Hook 2 range are your entry-level sounders. Lowrance suggests that these are targeted at casual anglers. They are the most affordable starting from as low as $100 and by far the easiest to use. They do still provide a good level of functionality without needing to change settings or complication. These are very good units for beginners. Everything is pre-setup and ready to use on the water.

These are very intuitive with the simple one-thumb operation, and the ability to switch between down scan, side scan and GPS quickly.The fish finders are available in SplitShot, and TripleShot providing CHIRP, DownScan and StructureScan.As with all products you get what you pay for. These compared to high-end fish finders are missing things such as touch screen, chart plotting, and have limited range, and not as accurate reading. They are however great value for money and will do an excellent job telling you the water depth, temperature, and will give basic readings of schools of fish, bait and structure.

The Lowrance Hook 2 come in the following options

  • Lowrance Hook² 4x + Bullet Transducer
  • Lowrance Hook² 4x + GPS + Bullet Transducer
  • Lowrance Hook² 5x + SplitShot Transducer
  • Lowrance Hook² 5x + GPS + SplitShot Transducer
  • Lowrance Hook² 7x + GPS + TripleShot Transducer
  • Lowrance Hook² 9x + GPS + TripleShot Transducer

They also come available in 12 inches would be unpractical for a kayak.

Lowrance fishfinder options in 2022

Lowrance has a great range of options for both boats and kayaks. As the image below shows the Hook reveal would fit in the entry-level category, elite FS in the mid-level and HDS live into the high-end category. Many of these models have been refreshed with the hook reveal and elite FS getting a decent facelift towards the end of 2020.

Fish Finder Review 2022 - Which sounder should I buy (19)

Installing a sounder or fish finder on your kayak or Hobie

If you’re like me you may need assistance having your sounder installed. There are some great local centres that will do this for you at a small fee. This would include AWS in Geelong and SL Hobie. Please call those centres directly to arrange a time to have your sounder fitted.

You can install different branded sounders but the installation of the transducer may be a little more complicated and require some custom parts and installation. A good example of what can be seen in the embedded video below.

Additions or corrections

Thanks for reading this Fish Finder Review 2022. If you have any questions, corrections or additions then please direct them to and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can see more about the new Lowrance fish finders here

(Video) What sounder should I buy?


What is the best sounder on the market? ›

Highest Rated Fishfinders
Lowrance HDS 7 Gen34.7/5
Garmin Striker 7sv4.6/5
Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv4.6/5
Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO4.4/5
1 more row

What is the best and easiest fish finder to use? ›

HOOK² 4x with Bullet Skimmer Transducer

The world's easiest fishfinder, HOOK² 4x Bullet offers simple menus, easy access to key functions and Autotuning sonar. Powered by proven Lowrance® performance, HOOK² 4x features wide-angle, Broadband sonar coverage. Just plug it in and fish, it's that easy.

What is the best live fishfinder? ›

The Best Fish Finders of 2022
Best FishfinderGarmin ECHOMAP UHD with Panoptix LiveScopeLEARN MORE
Best Kayak FishfinderLowrance Hook Reveal 7LEARN MORE
Best Budget Fish FinderHumminbird Helix 5LEARN MORE
Sep 16, 2021

How do I choose a sounder? ›

First off, you have to decide exactly what it is you really need in a sounder. For instance, if you're typically bottom-bouncing indeep water, you might want to look at the top end of the range, as these units will likely offer more accurate identification of fish and deep-water features.

What fish finder is better Garmin or Lowrance? ›

Winner. For the basic or average angler in almost all circumstances the Lowrance takes the cake. It's easier to learn and the interface allows anglers to become proficient much quicker than some of the Garmin units and that really helps in the grand scheme of things.

What is the easiest sounder to use? ›

Released towards the end of 2017 the Hook 2 range are your entry-level sounders. Lowrance suggests that these are targeted at casual anglers. They are the most affordable starting from as low as $100 and by far the easiest to use.

What's better Lowrance or Humminbird? ›

If we look at Lowrance vs Humminbird we'll see that Humminbird products consistently outrank Lowrance in terms of reviews and reputation. The average score of a Humminbird fish finder is near 4.5 out of 5 while Lowrance ranks considerably lower.

What is the best sounder GPS combo? ›

Highest Rated Fishfinders
Lowrance HDS 7 Gen34.7/5
Garmin Striker 7sv4.6/5
Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv4.6/5
Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO4.4/5
1 more row

How do I choose a fish finder? ›

To choose a fishfinder, consider the type of unit—whether it includes GPS and is part of a boatwide network, size of the fishfinder's footprint, resolution of the display, how much transmitting power you need, and what frequencies will work best in the inland, coastal or deep-water environment where you fish.

What is the best depth sounder? ›

Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 SplitShot – Best Budget Down Scan fish finder. Garmin STRIKER Vivid 7sv – Editor's Choice for best kayak fish finder, perfect size and capabilities for small crafts. HELIX 7 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G3N – Another great kayak fish finder, only 7inch with MEGA SI, and Dual Spectrum CHIRP.

Is Garmin a good fish finder? ›

2: Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv (runner up)

This Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv is a top of the line fish finder with a large 9-inch color display. It can be a great choice for fishing kayaks or bass boats and comes with a swivel mount and trolling motor mounting hardware to let you install it easily on your vessel.

Is CHIRP better than sonar? ›

CHIRP fishfinders transmit a longer pulse than traditional sonar, putting more energy into the water column, with a true broadband frequency range of up to 117kHz. Instead of pinging a single frequency like traditional 2D sonar, CHIRPing devices transmit a sweeping range of frequencies.

What is better side-imaging or down imaging? ›

Side imaging is going to be more useful in shallower water or when you are scanning for shallow diving fish, whereas down imaging sonar is going to serve the deeper fisherman who are fishing vertically better.

Who makes the best live sonar? ›

Garmin LiveScope review

Because of this, Garmin LiveScope is the undisputed leader in the area of live sonar, and currently the number one choice for many anglers. This especially true when it comes to shallow water imaging, where LiveScope provides superior results to the other two live sonar brands.

What is the difference between 50 khz and 200 khz? ›

200 khz means that the transducer is putting out 200,000 pulses per second. A 50 khz frequency is putting out 50,000 pulses per second. The higher the khz number, the higher the frequency, but the lower the cone angle that is required to produce the higher frequency.

What is the difference between sonar and transducer? ›

Broadband sonar relies on sonar 'pings' and echoes on a single frequency, dictated by your choice of transducer. Most transducers are designed to operate at one of the frequencies below, while 'dual frequency' transducers let you select either of two supported frequencies to best suit your current situation.

Is thru hull or transom mount transducer better? ›

Should I Use an in-Hull, Thru-Hull or Transom Mount Transducer With ...

Does Lowrance own Garmin? ›

Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN) and Navico, parent company to the Lowrance®, Simrad® and B&G® brands, today announced that they have ended a three-year-long dispute relating to sonar and auto guidance patents.

Can you run Lowrance and Garmin? ›

If you are running structure can on the Lowrance, and a conventional ducer on the Garmin, they will not interfere.

What is the best and cheapest fish finder? ›

Highest Rated Fishfinders
Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G24.8/5
Lowrance HDS 7 Gen34.7/5
Garmin Striker 7sv4.6/5
Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv4.6/5
1 more row

Is a 1kW transducer worth it? ›

For most anglers in the Northeast, we end up recommending a 1kW transducer. That's plenty of power for the anger who fishes mostly inshore waters for fish like stripers and fluke, and occasionally runs offshore to fish deep water up to 1500 feet.

What is the best sonar for bass fishing? ›

  • 1.1 Lowrance HDS LIVE 12 Fish Finder/Chartplotter - Best for Professional Anglers.
  • 1.2 Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv - Best for Pros and Serious Anglers.
  • 1.3 Lowrance Elite FS 9 - Best For Serious Anglers.
  • 1.4 Humminbird SOLIX 12 CHIRP MEGA SI+ G3 Fish Finder/GPS Chartplotter.
Jun 24, 2022

What sounder does Ryan Moody use? ›

Not only does our partner Burdekin Communications sell a vast range of Garmin sounders (our preferred brand at the moment), but our part of the bargain is teaching you how to use it. Unlike most salespeople, Ryan has been a charter guide for 30 years and run pretty much all the brands over the years (except Lowrance).

Who makes the best GPS fish finder? ›

Comparison Table – The Best Fish Finder GPS Combos
Best OverallHumminbird Helix 5 Brand: Humminbird Type: Wide Dual Beam Sonar Screen Size: 5-inch displayBass ProCabela's
Best Mapping TechnologyLowrance Hook Reveal Brand: Lowrance Type: Tripleshot with FishReveal Screen Size: 5-9-inchesBass ProCabela's
5 more rows
Feb 23, 2022

What is the best Humminbird fishfinder? ›

Best Overall: Helix 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2

We didn't choose the most expensive or the most feature-rich model as the best Humminbird fish finder for most anglers. Instead we chose the Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2, which has all the features most anglers need without anything extra.

How long do fish finders last? ›

Make sure to upgrade your fish finder on a regular basis. Once your finder is about four years old you should seriously start thinking about replacing it. If it is over six years old then it is likely overdue.

What is the best sounder GPS combo? ›

Highest Rated Fishfinders
Lowrance HDS 7 Gen34.7/5
Garmin Striker 7sv4.6/5
Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv4.6/5
Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO4.4/5
1 more row

Is Lowrance or Humminbird better? ›

If we look at Lowrance vs Humminbird we'll see that Humminbird products consistently outrank Lowrance in terms of reviews and reputation. The average score of a Humminbird fish finder is near 4.5 out of 5 while Lowrance ranks considerably lower.

How much is sonar for a boat? ›

Including the installation costs, these advanced sportfishing sonar systems will run you between $110,000 and $120,000.

What is a through hull transducer? ›

Thru-hull transducers.

This transducer mounts flush to the bottom of the boat and has a tilted element in it's housing to compensate for your boat's deadrise. Most thru-hull transducers are powerful 1kW or 2kW units suitable for professional-grade color sounders and serious offshore use.

Screen Size: 10.1 inch (also available in 5, 7, 9 and 12 inch models). Keypad: Raised button keypad. Transducer: Low-Q CHIRP transducer. GPS: Yes. Key Features: Intuitive fish finder with side and down imaging, and exceptional mapping technology. Screen Size: 7 inch (though the Humminbird HELIX 7 is also a good choice). Keypad: Raised buttons. Transducer: XNT 9 20 T Transom Transducer. GPS: Yes. Key Features: NOAA and LakeMaster charts, 2D and CHIRP sonar, with Side and Down View technology. Screen Size: 7 inch (also available in 4 and 5 inch models). Keypad: Easy touch button keypad. Transducer: Dragonfly CPT-DVS transom mount transducer. GPS: Yes. Key Features: Navionics maps of U.S and Canadian waters, Down View imaging, dual channel CHIRP sonar. Screen Size: 9 inch (also available in 5 and 7 inch models). Keypad: One touch raised button keypad. Transducer: SplitShot Transducer. GPS: Yes. Key Features: GPS-enabled fish finder with advanced sonar imaging, and a one year warranty. A fish finder is an electronic device that uses sonar technology to pinpoint the location of fish under the water’s surface.. Lastly, if you’re looking for a fish finder that offers the best of both worlds, with a full list of top-of-the-line features but at a more appropriate price tag, then we’d have to recommend the Humminbird HELIX 10 G3N Fish Finder.

The handheld sonar fish finder is portable for fishing.. ☀ The portable fish finder, with updated 2.4inch TFT color LCD screen(more clear to display), can detect and display underwater contour, water depth, water temperature and fish size(big/middle/small) and fish depth.. ☀ Go fishing with the fish depth finder in different ways, such as ice fishing, river fishing, sea fishing, shore fishing, kayak fishing, etc.. Choose the fish finder depth sounder precision-engineered to fit your demands.. It’s easy to see why: who knows a product better than those who have used it?. When deciding whether to use a product, consider its comfort fish finder depth sounder.. fish finder depth sounder come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges.. But are they fish finder depth sounder worth our money?. You’re looking for a new fish finder depth sounder.. If you’re still unsure which type of fish finder depth sounder is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the fish finder depth sounder listed above.

The all-new, rugged Garmin STRIKER 4 DV fish finder series has a highly sensitive GPS that is created to let you indicate your favorite fishing spots, so that you can find it easily the next day.. The sv series also offers onboard CHIRP sonar, plus CHIRP DownVü, and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonar abilities.. Pros. • Easy to use and link to your device via Bluetooth. • Great investment if you are serious about fishing. • Fantastic product for ice fishing or open lake fishing. Cons. • Issues with connection. • Have to close out all your other apps for it to work the best. • Need a certified technician to change the battery for you. Generally, these models will all have color screens, usually 5 inches, a high power rating(for more depth), internal GPS with decent maps(and the ability to expand), and some models will also have Down Imaging/DownScan SONAR.. It is created to give you a precise picture of what is under your boat by using the built-in multi-frequency CHIRP sonar, 77/200 kHz HD-ID™ sonar, and Garmin CHIRP DownVü™, which is the best scanning sonar on the market.. The Humminbird Helix 5 SI CHIRP fish finder has to be one of the most powerful fish finder gps combos that you can buy for just under $500.. It has super accurate CHIRP SONAR, as well as side imaging SONAR, and includes a fully featured chartplotter that is compatible with a whole host of different mapping packages such as Navionics and Humminbird LakeMaster, to name a few.. In addition, this fish finder will let you see up to 1500 feet(on a good day in fresh water) using the traditional SONAR, and up to 240 feet on either side of your boat with Side Scan SONAR.. The Simrad GO7 XSE is well below our budget cap of $1000, but still sports a high resolution 7 inch display, an excellent mapping package(waypoints and tracks are all default options on gps fish finders, anyhow), as well as CHIRP SONAR, Down Scan, and Side Scanning SONAR.

Despite being a compact device, the 3.5-inch screen is easy to read.. A portable fish finder is a small device that uses sonar technology to detect things beneath the surface.. The best thing about these gadgets is that they don’t need to be mounted on a boat to work.. Portable fish finders use sonar technology, like many other gadgets.. If 21st-century technology is your thing, getting a scanner that can be paired with your phone is probably a good investment.

Over all our social media channels, email and messages, we probably get asked, “What sounder should I buy?” about 10-15 times a day.. Ask instead, “What transducer will suit me best?” I am amazed at the number of people that join our online course Sounder Skills 2, after just purchasing a new sounder, only to discover it is not fit for their needs.. For example, in shallow water estuaries fishing for Bream and Whiting, Bass in the lakes, Barra in the north and Snook in the US, a transducer with high frequency side scan is the go.. What sounder should I buy if I fish creeks and estuaries?. What sounder should I buy is one that will take a high definition side scan transducer, such as Garmin’s offering, the EchoMap Ultra paired with a GT56 transducer .. What sounder should I buy can get confusing.. There are different frequencies not only for each application (deep water, shallow water, searching for new ground, assessing known locations for fish) but for each mode (side scan, down scan and traditional 2D).. So if you are in the market for a new sounder, or you’d just like to know if you’re running the right transducer, please complete the very short (1-2 minute) survey via the button below, and we can have our team get back to you.. Sounder Skills 1 is included in all sounder purchases free of charge and a $100 discount for Sounder Skills 2 applies.. Our Sounder Skills 2 course is changing the way anglers understand and use their sounder.. Top fishing tips sent out each fortnight and you'll also get in the draw for a Sounder Masterclass on your boat with Ryan Moody.

Lucky Portable Fish Finder (FF718LiC) is a master in more than one sense of the word.. Lucky Portable Fish Finder stands apart from traditional portable and cheaper fish finders on account of its versatility and flexibility.. This multi-purpose fish catcher delivers desired results in almost all kinds of fishing journeys – from kayak fishing to river fishing to saltwater fishing to ice fishing.. In this cat-and-mouse game, you can become that lucky ‘cat’ that prevents the fish from escaping your clutches only with the help of an equally sneaky and smart fishfinder like Lucky Portable Fish Finder.. The cutsie little LCD has three colour tone settings along with adjustments for fish icons and alarms to correspond with chosen fishing type.. In short, if you are a budget-conscious hobbyist looking for a simple and multi-purpose fish finder , invest money in Lucky Fish Finder (FF718LiC).. In simple terms, the unit promises you victory in all types of fishing circumstances, be it ice fishing, inland fishing, saltwater fishing , dock fishing, kayak fishing etc.. This feature tilts the balance in your favour during nighttime fishing and ice fishing.. 2.8” LCD is better than other portable fish finders not only because of the size but also because of the quality of the view.. Multi-Purpose design is compatible with various fishing applications, including freshwater & saltwater fishing and ice fishing.. Lucky Fish Finder is a small fish locator carrying multiple adjustments and a flexible wireless transducer that works phenomenally in nearly all types of fishing scenarios – such as both freshwater and saltwater fishing, ice fishing , dock fishing and boat fishing.. Looking at all its strengths and weaknesses, we deduced that this fish finder is hands down the best portable fish finder for beginners and hobby fishers.

The Elite-9 Ti2 US Inland Active Imaging 3-in-1 fish finder from Lowrance combines fish finding technology and mapping technology into one device.. However, unlike many other fish finder devices, the transducer for the Elite-9 Ti2 is sold separately, increasing the total cost of implementing the device into your fishing life.. Very portable CHIRP traditional sonar has an edge on other sonar Has personalized live mapping Sonar capabilities compatible with other trolling motors Community focused, app provides access to helpful data. CHIRP Side and Down Imaging CHIRP Digital Sonar (dual beam) Bluetooth and ethernet connectivity Built-in cartography 7 inch, high definition display Micro SD card slot Built-in GPS. High quality imaging Split screen feature Both side and down imaging Real-time map creation CHIRP sonar. Other main features include the GPS featuring Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar and Garmin CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar.. If you only need a fish finder with a few solid features and not much else, a kayak fish finder is the way to go.. The sonar from kayak fish finders can differentiate between species of fish and have a water temperature tracking feature which can help you get to the right area for the fish species you want to catch.. Fish finders in general are a great tool to make your fishing trips more successful, and kayak fish finders in particular are a great option for those with smaller vessels to have access the same technology or similar for a lower price.

Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in transducers, transom mounts, flashers, echoes, and sonar, that we forget what the most important decision is when it comes to choosing a fish finder: WILL THIS HELP ME CATCH THE MOST FISH!. Remember – the higher the frequency, the more detail shows up on your screen – this is because there are that many more sonar waves being sent out and received by the transducer, so if you generally fish shallow waters, this is the way to go.. If you plan on fishing in deep water like the Great Lakes or salt water bodies, it’s best that you go for the most powerful(in terms of wattage) fish finder that your budget can fit.. A color fish finder will make fish and underwater objects truly pop out at you from the screen.. Most of the fish finder units we carry come with transom mount transducers out of the box.. Even though, transducers come in different materials, each of which is suited to a particular type of boat, most of the fish finder units we stock come with plastic transom mount transducers out of the box.. Most fish finders geared towards recreational anglers come with transom mount transducers or trolling motor transducers which will work well with any type of boat.

The best way to find the right one is by reading reviews from those who have already made the purchase.. Consider the product's durability when buying the best livescope fish finder When you are considering what product to buy, it is essential to consider the durability of that product.. Look for a warranty on the product when buying the best livescope fish finder If you are looking for the best livescope fish finder to buy, it is essential to consider the warranty on the item.. The best way to purchase a product is by looking for a warranty on the product.. Take time before making any purchases.. Research how durable the materials are that make up the product Buying the best livescope fish finder 2021 is not always easy, and it can be stressful when you're trying to find the best one.. So before buying anything new or even reusing old items as decorating pieces around your home.. Find out if it is easy to fix or replace parts of the item if they break It's important to know what kind of products you are buying before you buy it.. If you are looking for the best livescope fish finder with a price under 200$ , do not make the mistake of buying something without finding out if it is easy to fix or replace parts.. It includes things like "does it have a warranty?". Consider the price before buying the best livescope fish finder If you are in the market for a new product, it is essential to consider the price.

These high-end fishfinders offer advanced features, like Down Imaging and Side Imaging and dual-beam sonar.. Humminbird fishfinders come with two types of imaging: Down Imaging and Side Imaging.. However, Side Imaging fishfinders are more expensive than Down Imaging ones, and they can only be used at low speeds.. Humminbird fishfinders equipped with CHIRP technology may feature Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar, which functions the same as dualbeam sonar but includes more detail.. Mid-range: Humminbird fishfinders for $120 to $350 have larger screens with better resolution and more colors, better imaging technology, SD chip slots, and even internal GPS.. Humminbird fishfinders have a simulator mode which lets you run commands as if you were operating the fishfinder on the water.

While some fishers are looking for a fish market, others can easily locate not only fish but also various obstacles with the help of a portable fish finder from a boat or the shore and get an idea of what’s at the bottom of the reservoir from which they want to fish.. But the main task of the portable fish finder is to search for fish.. So, what is the best portable fish finder and how do you choose the best one from the numerous models available on the market.. There are various models of a portable fish finder, but it’s up to you to decide which of them is best for your personal needs.. The Best Portable Fish Finder is a device for searching for fish and determining the depth and topography of the bottom of the water.. According to portable fish finder reviews, this is the sonar of the new generation and uses your smartphone to determine where the fish is.. If you prefer fishing on the shore, the Wi-Fi fish finder is the best model for you.. If you are on a boat, it is possible to choose a portable fish finder that needs to be wired into the electrical system of the boat.. So, if you are fond of fishing at any time and at any season, you need the best portable fish finder for sure.. Based on our portable fish finder reviews, the Garmin Striker 4 with a portable kit is the best portable fish finder in 2019.


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