Types of businesses using pre-authorized payment services

Pre-authorized Payment – Recurring Billing – Online Billing Services & solutions

EFT TRANSIT™ Pre-authorized Payment services gives your business a way to get automatically paid on a regular basis.

Efficiently track and manage your monthly recurring payments and save your business time and money with LOW fees per transaction, more transactions you process, greater discounts you will get!

The sectors we serve include a broad range of industries operating in low risk and medium risk markets as well as some specialist areas. The type of general businesses supported includes;

Types of businesses using pre-authorized debit for billing

  • General Retail
  • Car Rental Agencies
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Property Management
  • Computer/Telephone Supplies
  • E-commerce
  • Subscription Sites
  • Jewelery
  • Electronics Stores
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Art Dealers
  • Cosmetics
  • Software Packages
  • Telephone Communication Service
  • Charities
  • Home Services
  • Government Agencies

Benefits of Pre-authorized Payment Services

  • Get paid automatically on a consistent basis
  • Improved company financial forecasting and accounting
  • Paperless invoicing saves you time and money
  • Offers a flexible and easy-to-use payment option to your customers
  • Easy to set-up and manage
  • Increased profits
  • Get robust reports

We Can Help You Set Up Pre-authorized Payment Today!

Whether you're an existing business looking for a new supplier and/or planning to expand into new markets or territories or a start-up merchant looking to implement a payment processing solution for the first time – we can add value and expertise in terms of implementing the best possible solution.

To get started with pre-authorized debit and find out more about how our EFT processing Solutions can work for your business, please complete the simple form above or call us toll-free at 1(866) 681-7722 to talk to an EFT TRANSIT™ representative now.

How EFT Payment Processing Work?

With EFT TRANSIT™ you simply enter customer's payment information into our online web form application, press a button and the information is processed via the EFT Network automatically or on demand if you turn off the automatic feature. Transactions are deducted from your customer's account and deposited into your account.

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